ATTENTION PARENTS: Does Your Son Ever Experience:

  • Arm Injury / Pain / Tightness / Fatigue / Soreness that impedes my performance

  • Velocity is below the acceptable speed for the next level that he aspires to get to

  • Lack of command of his fastball

  • Lack of adequate secondary pitches (Curveball, Slider, Change Up)

  • Trouble with focus and concentration

  • Does he ever wonder exactly how good he is compared to his peers/competition?


"Let me show you the most comprehensive, personalized, all-encompassing, elite level camp, that teaches your son the latest cutting-edge information and how to apply it to themselves personally, that is available in the country today!"

Let Me Introduce To You:

Hi, I'm Andy Powers,

And this is HUGE!

This summer I will be starting up and hosting my annual Young Guns Training Camps and I promise to give you everything I can, unveiling the secrets and science that it takes to develop more velocity, pitch development, mechanics, arm care, strength training, and MORE!

I have transformed this camp into a camp that is unlike no other. Using The Texas Pitching Institute's flagship training program, The Apex Pitching Program™, you will get immersed into this program and will be told exactly how you measure up against your competition around the rest of the world!

Sound too good to be true? Well, using my trademarked program and reaching out to many of my friends in Major Division I, Professional Baseball and Major League Scouts, I have created a one-of-a-kind system that shows you exactly where you stack up. I have then, converted it to match the younger players.

Believe me, there is NOTHING like this program anywhere in the world. (Video is not allowed in order to keep this legitimate career changing information secret!)

BUT ---- I'm only allowing 10 pitchers in the camp at a time, so that I can guarantee that your son will be personally known and will get the specific information that he needs.

Now let's be perfectly clear....

This is an in-depth, elite level camp that spans over the course of 2 days, and no matter how much your son listens and pays attention, he is not going to be able to retain 100% of the ridiculous amount of career-changing information that he is going to be given.

And because I realize this, I have already put in place many tools to ensure that his time at the camp will not be forgotten once he leaves on Sunday.

I have no doubt that the amount of information that your son will get during the camp will be more than enough to begin changing the path of his career for the better, but what is most important is what he does with that information once he gets home and is on his own to implement and practice his personalized plan. Once he knows EXACTLY how he measures up to the competition, it will be up to him to do something about it. Ultimately, this is the kind of player that needs to be anyways. The kind of guy that will work when nobody is watching.

So I am going to do everything within my power to make sure that your son has access to what he needs....

Because I Will Personally Provide For Your Son A Pitching, Throwing And Training Program that 100% Created Just For Him.

This is just one of the many reasons why my Young Guns Boot Camp is unlike anything you've seen before.

The Entire Camp Is Spent Revealing The Best Strategies In Throwing And Training Today, And How To Make It Directly Apply To Your Son

By now, you are probably trying to figure out how I will be able to create a program that specific for your son when there will be 9 other pitchers from around the country attending as well, right?

I'll tell you how:

  • Soon after you register, before it's even time for you to show up for Day 1 of the camp, I will be sending you a packet of self evaluation audits
  • Inside the self evaluation audits, I will be asking you to fill out each one of them as openly and honestly as you can so that I can get to know your son before he even gets here
  • I will also ask you to list as many questions as you can think of, so that I can prepare to answer as many of them as I possible can for you at the camp

If I didn’t do this… Then this camp would be like every other camp that you've attended, where it is boring and generic, teaching every pitcher attending to do exactly the same thing, regardless of their individual needs, and the power of The Apex Pitching Program™ would be worthless.

I would be wasting your time with pointless, time-killing activities that don't really do anything to make you a better pitcher

So as you can imagine, every Young Guns Boot Camp I host is completely different from the one before

It's true.

I will also tell you that if your son is not serious about becoming the best pitcher he can be, then this camp will probably be a waste of your time and money. There is a chance that once he goes through all the instruction and testing of The Apex Pitching Program™ that you and your son might find out that he is not nearly as good as you both thought he was. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a decision to dedicate himself to getting better.

It will be clear exactly what he needs to do in order to consider himself improved and to prove to himself that he is making progress. When that happens, the confidence grows and the performances get even better.

I'm telling you this now because this is my reputation and how I support my family and I really don't want you going home feeling that this camp was a complete waste of time, or upset because your son is not actually implementing the personalized plan that was designed for him. I'm on your side and I want to help you see the improvements that are desired.

The Research

  • Every year, thousands of kids are getting injured from poor training and throwing techniques
  • Young athletes need special preparation and training to promote long and healthy arms and careers
The Young Guns Training Camp is designed off our flagship camp, the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp and The Apex Pitching Program™, but with the 8-12 year old athlete in mind. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

There is not one single player that is exactly like another player. In fact, the same player most likely isn't the same player that they were the year before. Because of this, a pitcher's training program shouldn't treat everyone the same. It should grow and evolve with the individual player. If your program is not meeting your needs and supporting your current skills and abilities, then it is a waste of time.

At the Texas Pitching Institute, we focus on the individual and create a customized and personalized throwing plan to meet the needs of the individual.

On top of that, the parent is very much as part of this camp as the athlete themselves. Between you and your son, you will be equipped with all the information that you will need to not only implement your personalized plan immediately, but how to adjust it as you progress in your development.

To get the most out of this camp, parents are STRONGLY encouraged to stay and participate throughout the camp. (No Video Allowed)

If you want to pitch at the elite level, you have to develop better than your competition. At the Young Guns Training Camp, you will get armed with the exact information you need to put you on the path to becoming the next Young Gun!

My Name Is Andy Powers.

Over the past 13 years, I have seen 15 of my pitchers get drafted into professional baseball, and over 250 of my athletes move on to play college baseball. As a former Division I coach and current Associate Scout for the Kansas City Royals, I have learned a thing or two about what the elite athlete needs to play at the next level.

I have seen so many athletes with ability and potential, fall very short of what they could have been because of poor information and lack a lack of personalizing the training to the individuals unique needs.

It is because of this that I created the Apex Pitching Program™Total Pitcher Training Program™ and well as authored two books, The Pain Free Pitcher and The Definitive Guide To Hiring A Pitching Instructor, so that determined and ambitious pitchers would receive the latest information in a program that is personalized to their needs.

When You Come To The Young Guns Training Camp:

  • You will begin a thrower's and pitcher's training program, focusing mainly on arm health, velocity, endurance and recovery.
  • You will go through a comprehensive Functional Mobility Screening
  • Daily Mental Training Sessions
  • Thorough video analysis to address the movements of your throwing delivery
  • No matter where your current throwing state is, your situation will be tailored to the program to ensure that you get the most out of it.
  • You will learn Dynamic Warm-Ups and multiple Arm Care Tools, including, but not limited to: Resistance Tubing, Shoulder Tube, Bell Clubs, Wrist Weights.
  • You will learn several different strength and conditioning methods, including, but not limited to: Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, H2O Stability Trainer, Slam Net, etc
  • You will learn various different throwing drills and protocols, specific to your needs
  • You will leave with a clear understanding, through trademarked Apex Testing™, EXACTLY where your son is in his development when it comes to how he compares to his peers/competitors
Thom Haxton

“This was a fantastic experience! It was a very intense period of time to work on skills, learning about proper warm ups, Effective Velocity and exercises to improve pitching."

Thom Haxton, Dad
Greg Bowling

"Great Camp! I learned a lot of information about the mechanics of pitching and preventing injuries."

Greg Bowling, Dad
Cameron Torres

"This camp far exceeded my expectations. It was very informative and exciting!"

Cameron Torres, Dad

Are You Ready?

Day 1: The Foundation

As soon as you and your son arrives at the Texas Pitching Institute, your son will be handed a camp shirt and his own personal binder, which includes a ton of information already in it, as well as, blank pages for notes to be taken.

As we get the camp kicked off, a Video Analysis and Functional Mobility Screening will be done. This will be the foundation of the camp for your son, to begin building his personalized plan, tailored-made to his specific needs.

I want to be clear that your son will be responsible for taking notes, AND I MEAN IT!

I want your son to become his own best pitching coach, but the only way he will have a chance at that, is if he commits himself to doing what is necessary to learn. Over the course of the 2 days, I'm going to show him exactly what he can do to build his road map.

So we will begin by reviewing the self assessment audits that I had you fill out before the camp even began.

From there, we will dive into our first session of Mental Performance Training.

After that we will get ourselves going and go through our Video Analysis and Functional Mobility Screening. From there, we will dive into Pitcher Specific Strength & Conditioning, Pitch Development Apex Testing and Recovery Protocols.

By the end of Day 1, your son will have his personal plan already drawn and we will spend the rest of the camp, coloring it in!

Camp Itinerary

Day 1

  1. Classroom Training
  2. Mental Training Segment
  3. Dynamic Warm Up #1
  4. Video
  5. Station Rotation #1 - 5
    1. Video Analysis
    2. Strength & Conditioning
    3. Pitch Development
    4. Functional Mobility Screening
  6. Apex Testing
  7. Recovery Protocols

Day 2: The Finish

We are on the home stretch now, but this is the fun day. This is the day that we get to begin putting it ALL together!

To start the day, we will go right into our final day of Mental Performance Training and then your son will be turned loose, to perform the 2nd of our Dynamic Warm Ups. Once he is ready to go, we will dive deep into several different methods that we use to prepare and take care of the arm, before and after we throw.

Once the arm is fired up and ready to go, we will begin throwing, based off of the customized results of the video analysis.

Once your son is completely ready to go, more than ever in his life probably, we will complete our final round of Apex Testing.

Once the testing is over, your son will be go through his Recovery/Cool Down methods again to begin the repair process and cut your son's recovery time down by half.

We will finish out the day with a classroom session that will go into the explanation and review of the Apex Testing that occurred over the camp so that you and your son will leave with a clear understanding of where he is at in his current abilities and how they measure up against his peers/competition.

Day 2

  1. Camp Photos
  2. Mental Training Segment
  3. Dynamic Warm Up #2
  4. Arm Care
  5. Throwing Drills
  6. Apex Testing
  7. Recovery Protocols
  8. Classroom Training

WARNING:  Your son will be responsible for keeping his own notes!

Your son will have his own binder to keep track of and it will be his responsibility to maintain it and use it throughout the camp!

This is an exercise in CHARACTER BUILDING! It's one thing to work hard and do everything that you're supposed to when a coach is watching, but it is true character and the kind of make up that COACHES WANT, when a player does what he's supposed to when nobody's watching.

I promise you (and you know in your heart) that pretty much every other pitching camp in the country is going to treat your son as just another camper and will stick to their cold, impersonal, cookie-cutter material, no matter what.

While I can also promise you that at the Young Guns Boot Camp, your son is going to get loaded up with so many "Gold Nuggets" of information, he will be forced to try to write them all down in his binder before he forgets. And he will be put on the path to becoming his own best pitching coach because of the personalized throwing and training plan that he is going to receive and a clear understanding of EXACTLY where he matches up against the rest of the world!

By the way... Did I mention the instructor to player ratio is 5:1

Camps like this one are extremely rare and don’t come around very often, so you’re probably wondering what something like this costs, aren’t you?

Probably not as much as you'd expect.

How does $30/Hour sound?

For half of what the average 1 hour private lesson costs, you will get 12 hours of in-depth, customized and cutting edge information that you just can't find in a private lesson.

Now, even though this camp is an absolute bargain, there are still some expectations for those who participate.

This camp will expect and demand that your son will take his career by the horns and make the decision to become his own best pitching coach!

There are no videos of this camp available....The only way that you get to see it is by being a part of it, live and in-person! (Video not permitted during camp)

- No two pitchers are the same, therefore, no two programs are the same, but your son will leave with THE template in his hands, but it’s up to him to carry it out!  (If you don’t think your son will actually follow this program after the event is complete, this program is NOT FOR HIM!)

I'm also going to make sure that your son goes home with everything he learned at the Young Guns Boot Camp, PLUS know exactly where he stands in his current levels of performance, as it matches up to the rest of the country...even world.

You get all this for just $347

(Payment Plans are available of 4 equal payments)

Young Guns Training Camp Dates

Andy Powers 2017 Young Guns Boot Camp
Will be held at The Texas Pitching Institute
in El Paso, TX

Young Guns Availability

Upcoming Camps

Spots Available

August 5-6, 2017


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