Why Texas Pitching Institute?

The Texas Pitching Institute distinguishes itself in 4 specific ways.

At The Texas Pitching Institute we take our job very seriously.

As a client, you are trusting in us to produce results. We are so confident in our ability to provide that, we guarantee it!

If you sign up for a Texas Pitching Institute membership, you have 30 days to decide if it’s for you.

If for any reason you are unhappy, we will refund your money – no questions asked!

We are a private baseball training facility, specializing in the skill of pitching.

What comes with that is an extra layer of accountability – both from the staff and your fellow TPI members. In most baseball training facilities that offer memberships and instruction, they expect you to not show up.

At The Texas Pitching Institute, if we don’t see you for a week – you’ll know it.

We WANT you here, because if you’re here, you’ll see results faster and your chances of sticking to your program will increase. And then you’ll tell your friends about us!

Nobody is the same and that is why we focus on the individual.

Let's face it.....there is a very good chance that if you've taken pitching instruction in the past, you were taught the same exact way that everybody was.

But you are unique, there is nobody that has your exact strengths and your exact needs.

At The Texas Pitching Institute, we are constantly testing and evaluating the individual to better develop a custom training and throwing plan that will maximize the individual's abilities and improve on their weaknesses.

If you want a general, cookie-cutter pitching program, then The Texas Pitching Institute is not for you.

But if you are serious about finding out what you're capable of and maximizing your abilities, then welcome home!

Each coach at The Texas Pitching Institute is professionally certified.

Every coach on our team is held accountable to continuing their education to stay on top of the latest pitching research and pain resolution, and is trained in The Texas Pitching Institute “Way”.

We know that you are trusting us for our knowledge, experience and professionalism.

We take each client through a unique functional movement assessment to get a very clear starting point for your program, then we continually show you progress specific to your pitching goals.

We are not “workout hosts”. We are pitching coaches – and there’s a big difference.

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