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Kyle Howell, Head Coach, Hesston College

Partnering with the Texas Pitching Institute is the greatest thing we could do for our staff. These young men will have access to mental development, velocity building programs, arm care protocols and video analysis that will be  hard to match at the junior college level. Andy is on the cutting edge of developing pitchers, and we are so excited to have him in our corner.


Joel Mangrum

The Texas Pitching Institute is an elite training ground for the serious pitcher. Andy is on the cutting edge of information for planning  and training pitchers. I highly recommend seeking out the opportunity to train at his facility in El Paso if you are interested in truly getting the most out of yourself.

Joel Mangrum, D1 College Pitching Coach
Ryan Schmidt

I have known Andy Powers throughout my entire coaching career.  I have enjoyed the privilege of working with him and consider Andy a close personal friend.  Andy has revolutionized how we train, teach and encourage pitchers.  His systems define what it means to be on the cutting edge of the most advanced training methods that are available to pitchers.  Our pitching staffs have reaped the rewards of Andy’s systems and I would challenge any pitcher to give them a try.

Ryan Schmidt, Junior College Head Coach
Brad Stoll

To say that I’m impressed with Andy Powers and his program would be a massive understatement!  This guy is off the charts when it comes to arm care, injury prevention, pitching and baseball in general.  I had the privilege of speaking at his Premier Baseball Coaches Convention in December of 2015.  I was blown away with Andy’s organization and his knowledge.  I am constantly calling and emailing him with questions and advice.  First class dude who runs a first class outfit!

Brad Stoll, High School Head Coach
Scott Hatten

I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy Powers for over ten years now having coached with him at Lamar university. Andy has one of the best pitching minds around. I have seen his work and he is able to get the most out of his pitchers. Andy and The Texas Pitching Institute are providing great knowledge and understanding as well as the proper mechanics and velocity training that all pitchers must have. I would recommend any pitcher that is looking to develop and stay injury free to spend some time with Andy.

Scott Hatten, D1 College Recruiting Coordinator
Tim Dixon

Andy and I immediately connected on similar visions to help pitchers get to the highest level.  You need to get in front of Andy Powers. He has been where you want to be and his knowledge for the game is second to  none. More impressive than that, he cares about you as a person and he wants to you to succeed on the mound and in life.

Tim Dixon, The Mental Locker

My skills physically and mentally have been enhanced. I used to be uncomfortable with my throwing mechanics but after going through the program and working the process with Coach Powers, it has gotten a lot better and my confidence is through the roof! I started out throwing in the mid-70's, but now, after 3 months, I am throwing in the mid-80's off the mound.

Brandon Pimentel, Student Athlete

The Texas Pitching Institute is not only drills and exercises, it is also exciting. Absorbing all the knowledge that Coach Powers provides is inspiring. Coach has taught me the most important factor in becoming a smart, fast and hard throwing pitcher and that is to believe in myself. I have learned not only techniques and safe guards for my arm, but also the determination and dedication it takes to be a successful pitcher!

Isiah Campa, Student Athlete

Big Difference!!! Since I started working at The Texas Pitching Institute, my arm feels so much stronger. My velocity has increased, my ability to stay stronger and last longer in games has also improved. Most important it has increased my confidence on the mound. My approach as a pitcher has changed because I really believe in myself now.

Jose Enriquez, Student Athlete

I am very grateful for the opportunity to train at The Texas Pitching Institute. When I first started, I felt really good about it after seeing all of the different training tools available to help get my body to perform. I set a goal to accomplish great things. The strength in my arm has improved a lot and I am throwing harder than I ever have before. I would recommend The Texas Pitching Institute to anyone!

Raul Lopez, Student Athlete