Private Lessons

At The Texas Pitching Institute we provide the highest quality private instruction that El Paso has to offer. No matter your ability level, TPI Private Lessons will create a customized program that is effective, efficient, challenging and GETS RESULTS!

The truth is there are few things that compare to the way you feel…the sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence you get from being in total control of the other teams offense, building your arm and body to perform at the peak of your abilities and to be completely clear on how to pitch and make the necessary adjustments that matter to YOU!

The 6 Steps to Our Private Lesson Program

No matter what your current situation is, our team at the Texas Pitching Institute are dedicated to helping you achieve the new you.

How Do We Do It?

Read the steps we take to deliver First Class pitching experiences and results.

  • Step 1: Define Your Goals

    This is first and foremost. You need to be specific about your goals, what you want to achieve, by when, and what actions we’re going to take to get you there. Defining your goals gives you the destination. Then we plot the fastest way to get you there.

  • Step 2: Evaluate & Assess

    We love data and we track everything to ensure YOU are on track to achieving your goals and accurately measure results. Velocity, Command, Strength, Functional Mobility and other assessment tools will let us know exactly where you are in relation to your goal and if we need to make any necessary adjustments as you progress (this is a critical step that most others leave out).

  • Step 3: Customized Training Plan

    Group pitching classes are great, but really aren’t the perfect solution if you’re looking for fast results. In your private lesson sessions, our coaches will work with you, your key areas and trouble spots, giving you valuable one-on-one time that’s guaranteed to speed things up. During these sessions, you learn effective and proper techniques to take your ability to the next level as well as all the necessary components of pitcher specific training that you will need to incorporate to be successful.

  • Step 4: Coaching, Training, Motivation & Accountability

    The best of everything provided in a private setting. With only 1 participant per lesson, you will get all of the expert coaching, training and advice you need from our certified pitching instructors. The atmosphere, environment and supportive nature of The Texas Pitching Institute is unparalleled in our industry and yet another reason why we continue to excel in delivering great results.

  • Step 5: Competitive Challenges and Mindset Training

    If you ask any baseball coach or scout in the nation at the highest levels of this game, which is more important, the physical side of the game or the mental side of the game, they will all tell you the mental side is the difference maker. Yet so few actually work at developing it. At The Texas Pitching Institute, we are going to specifically challenge you through competitive challenges and purposeful mental performance training so that you are ready to separate yourself from your competition and match the mental side of your game with the super engine that you will be building physically.

  • Step 6: Goal Tracking Sessions

    This is the game-changer. This is how we ensure that you are staying on track with your results and continue to “dial-in” your personalized program, optimizing it as we move forward. This is such a HUGE component of your success and is usually completely overlooked by most other pitcher development programs. Each and every month we will re-evaluate all of your measurements and assessments and take a good, hard look at the goals you have set for yourself for the past month, 3 months, etc. We will then determine if the action steps required to achieve them have been successfully fulfilled on your end. After all, if you’re not taking action on specific things each and every month to achieve your goals, how can you be successful? As a team, we will help you overcome any challenges you are having and find solutions to be successful. This is the only way to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

For the past 3 years, The Texas Pitching Institute has helped hundreds of pitchers just like you throw harder, improve command, eliminate arm pain and learn what it takes to be a pitcher at a higher level!

We’ve helped the most uncoordinated and under-developed pitchers take control of their careers, development and their life and now it’s your turn! We have pitching development and results down to a science. We know how to make it fun and engaging…for everyone… regardless of your age, ability level and past experiences.

If you’ve tried and failed, or have achieved some results, only to backslide… you are not alone. That is the experience so many people have, and we have the system and the program to put you back on top – to get you moving and grooving again – loving pitching again – feeling great again – taking back control and getting the pitching career you really, truly want…and deserve.