Why Camper Shells & “Pitching Coaches” Piss Me Off!

Guys, I know that it has been a few days since I last wrote to you, but I have to drop everything that I’m doing and talk to you about something very serious. What I need to discuss with you can only be described as a thought process that has reached epidemic proportions. And that…

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Dish Towel Takes Out High School Pitching Staff

On the last Friday in January, January 29 to be precise, is when the official high school season for baseball starts in Texas. This means that coaches and players can begin to have organized practices after school hours and weekends and begin to also play other schools in gearing up for the season that begins tomorrow,…

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Popeye Is A GREAT Pitching Coach

I want to state right up front, that I am fully aware that there is a better than average shot that at least half of you that read this will not have a clue as to who Popeye is… So be it, I guess my generation was better. So anyhow, I was watching the Biography…

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Ugly Guys w/ Beautiful Girlfriends & Pitching

Ugly Guys w/ Beautiful Girlfriends & Pitching Happy Valentines! I had a training session the other day with several of my guys as their seasons are about to officially kick off. Before we really got going into the session, I had everybody get together so that I could talk to them about some new research and…

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Dominant Pitchers & Low Cut Shirts

Dominate Pitchers low cut shirts

Dominant Pitchers & Low Cut Shirts In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a story with you that happened to me the other day…. I was running some errands around town and realized that it was pretty close to lunch time and so I figured that I better take advantage of that…

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