UIL turns down pitch count rule for now

By Kristopher Rivera , El Paso Times The University Interscholastic League Standing Committee on Athletics voted in June to continue studying baseball pitching limitations. During an April meeting, the UIL Medical Advisory Committee passed a proposal on pitching restrictions (pitch count) for UIL baseball. This proposal was considered in June by the UIL Standing Committee on Athletics.…

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Jolt The System, Part 1

So if you paid attention to the subject line, you may have noticed the “Part 1” piece. Why have I done that you might ask? Because this week, I am going to run a theme about jolting the system. I had a great conversation yesterday morning with some youth coaches, working with 9 and 10…

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Compete, Dummy!

Man, I had a really cool one yesterday with some of the high school guys I work with, that I can almost guarantee is happening to you as well. One of the high school kids that trains at TPI is a very talented player that is just starting to really learn and understand what he…

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Bringing Sexy Back

Let’s talk about the most basic of basic activities that takes place on the baseball field. I’m talking about playing catch. Everybody does it and it is most likely done without any real intentions or purpose. What a missed opportunity to make yourself better. So here is a little game that I came up with…

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The Ball Doesn’t Have A Brain

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Yesterday, in the TPI Summer Training Program, the focus was on Command. We weren’t worried about how hard we threw yesterday, we were just focusing on where we threw it. There are many competitive games that I use to facilitate an environment where guys learn to compete, deal with success and face frustration. These are important attributes…

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