So if you paid attention to the subject line, you may have noticed the “Part 1” piece.

Why have I done that you might ask?

Because this week, I am going to run a theme about jolting the system.

I had a great conversation yesterday morning with some youth coaches, working with 9 and 10 year olds.

They were telling me about their game on Saturday and an event that took place that caused a parent to go ballistic.

By the way, as a side note, something I told the coaches, is that I don’t understand why parents sign up their kid for a “TEAM” sport and then feel it’s okay to dictate their will on the coaches without being willing to put the coaches hat on themselves.

Just sign up your kid for golf instead so he can be by himself.

Okay, back to the story…….

So this kid has had an issue all season with paying attention and staying focused.

Not necessarily surprising at his age, but more of a problem than normal that has been addressed by his coaches all season.

The two coaches for this team are stand up guys. They want to win as much as any coach, but they are really about the kids and doing whatever they can to help the kids develop.

So at one point during the game, the kid was actually sitting on the ground at his position.

The coaches told him to get up and pay attention but that was to the extent of their correction at the time.

A little later in the game, after being asked several more times to pay attention, the kid makes a few errors because why?

You guessed it, he wasn’t paying attention.

So what did the coaches do?

They pulled him in the middle of the inning. They explained to him in the dugout what they needed and expected from him and that he needed to stay ready because he would be going back into the game.

He did go back in and was a little better.

Well this move of pulling in the middle of the inning did not sit well with the parent and gave the coaches an ear full.

Here’s my take that I told the coaches.

THEY WERE EXACTLY RIGHT in doing what they did.

Hence the theme for this week.

They have been trying different ways to get this kid to do what they needed and he still wasn’t getting it.

They had to jolt his system to get his attention.

Big time move.

All they are trying to do is make the kid better.

Was it embarrassing to get pulled in the middle of an inning?


Did the coaches use it as an opportunity to get his attention and teach the kid what they wanted?


But not everybody gets that and that is unfortunate.

So for the rest of the week, I’m going to share with you some of my stories of things that I have done to jolt the system (there’s enough for a whole week).

In doing so, I’d also love to hear about things that you have done as well to jolt the system of a player or players.

I can’t wait to get this week going.

Here’s to a BETTER way,

Andy Powers

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