Man, I had a really cool one yesterday with some of the high school guys I work with, that I can almost guarantee is happening to you as well.

One of the high school kids that trains at TPI is a very talented player that is just starting to really learn and understand what he is trying to do.

His drive and determination is without question.

This kid wants to make a jump to the next level in the worst way.

He would be considered raw with lots of potential right now… big deal.

Over this past weekend, he pitched in an off-season fall game.

When I saw him on Tuesday, I asked him how the weekend went.

He told me it went terrible.

This kid has been working extremely hard at TPI and I know that it is not just here that he is working that hard, so hearing that it was terrible was a bit concerning, but mostly discouraging for him, knowing how hard he works.

I began to peel back the layers of why it was terrible.

He told me that he couldn’t hit spots, left pitches out over the plate, no real difference or deception between pitches, difficult making adjustments, and more.

That is a bad day.

I asked him the all important question…….”If you could go back in time and relive the moment, but knowing what you already know, what would you do different?”

Here was his answer:

“I’d probably just compete instead of thinking about my mechanics and all the things that we are working on here that is working so well.”


I put my hand on his shoulder and told him that that is exactly what he has to do.

The games are just meant to compete.

You cannot think about your mechanics or trying to do specific things within the context of a game.

Just go compete.

The time outside of the game is when you work on those things.

The games then become an opportunity to see how well practice is going.

It tells you if and where you need to be spending more of your practice time, focus and energy.

I bet there’s a pretty good chance that you will be playing somewhere this weekend and if you are…….just compete.

Throw all the lessons and mechanics out the window and compete.

Come Monday, go back to work on those things.

Here’s to a BETTER way,

Andy Powers

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