Let’s talk about the most basic of basic activities that takes place on the baseball field.

I’m talking about playing catch.

Everybody does it and it is most likely done without any real intentions or purpose.

What a missed opportunity to make yourself better.

So here is a little game that I came up with that brings the sexy back to playing catch.

It is called the Game of 21 and here are the rules.

You and your partner get however far apart you want to be from each other.

The key to this game is that you MUST catch the ball exactly where it was thrown and don’t move your glove after you catch it.

If the ball is thrown inside your shoulders, below your neck and above your waist, then that is worth 1 point

If the ball is thrown inside your ears, below the top of your head and above your neck, then that is worth 2 points.

The guy that catches the ball is the judge on the throw.

The first guy to 21 wins, but you must win by at least 2 points.

If you are winning by a lot, you must get exactly 21 also.

If you are winning 20-14 and you throw it at your partners head, giving you 2 points, then you would go back to 15 for not getting exactly 21.

The next time you are at practice or just playing catch, play this game instead and watch all of the benefits and weaknesses that get exposed.

The feelings of competition, anxiety, anxiousness, pressure, fear, nervousness and more are all brought out in this great spin of playing catch and you actually work on something that matters to your skill level.

Here’s to a BETTER way,

Andy Powers

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