Yesterday, in the TPI Summer Training Program, the focus was on Command.

We weren’t worried about how hard we threw yesterday, we were just focusing on where we threw it.

There are many competitive games that I use to facilitate an environment where guys learn to compete, deal with success and face frustration.

These are important attributes to have when pitching.

There may be no other part of this training that’s more important though, than facing frustration.

There is one game we play called 5 Target Knock-Out.

It is designed to get more difficult, the more targets you knock out.

It is fun to watch guys who are dancing around the target over and over again, but can’t manage to actually hit it.

When a guy misses bad, this is when a teachable moment presents itself.

After a bad miss, I often ask the pitcher, what did that ball tell you?

What information did that pitch give you?

You see, with every pitch thrown, the baseball doesn’t not have a brain to make decisions on where it’s going to go.

So whatever direction you send the ball off on once it leaves your hand is because of you and what you did.

Being able to process this information and repeat it or make identifiable adjustments is what makes you a pitcher and not a thrower.

If you miss high and to arm side, you released the ball too early.

If you miss low and to glove side, you took a short cut with your arm.

These are just some examples of what I’m talking about.

So as you continue to compete, instead of focusing on the pitch that keeps missing, focus rather on what the pitch is telling you and make the adjustment from there.

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