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What We Do


The Apex Pitching Program™

Even the most seasoned pitchers need to continually improve their game. The Apex Pitching Program™ is the flagship training program at TPI. Learn how Apex can take you to the top. Get coaching, get results.


Training Products and Programs

Every Pitcher, Parent or Coach faces a variety of different challenges each and every day. TPI has created a broad suite of product and services specifically designed to provide the instruction, strategies…


Apex Camps and Clinics


This is the perfect start for experienced and beginning pitchers looking to kickstart new strategies that can increase your ability immediately.


Instructor Business Coaching

Providing business building, marketing strategies, email creation, training and programming development and more, specifically for Baseball Instructors.


What People Say


"TPI is on the cutting edge of developing pitchers"

Kyle Howell

"I highly recommend training at TPI if you want to get better"

Joel Mangrum

"TPI has revolutionized how we train, teach and encourage pitchers"

Ryan Schmidt

"I am constantly calling and emailing with questions and for advice"

Brad Stoll

Who We Are


Built on expert pitching coach Andy Powers’s foundation of success, TPI combines the latest training strategies, velocity generation, cutting edge arm care, pitcher specific strength and conditioning, pitch development, mental performance enhancement and more!

Learn more about TPI and how you can use our products and strategies to make your career thrive.

Our Team


Tim Dixon

Mental Performance

Dr. Larry Jones


Joel Mangrum


Dr. Dan Romanelli


Mark Figueroa

Physical Therapist



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